Our Mission

To align with those who are willing and ready to commit to a "radical act" and take charge of their lives. To provide and promote a forum where honesty, trust, respect and confidentiality are the pillars of the partnership.

Our Focus

To use coaching to gain clarity and specifics on what/how my teammates actions or perspectives are limiting them. By enrolling the client to actively participate in discerning what is really behind feelings, thoughts, emotions and actions. Discovery is the keyword on my style of coaching.

Our Specialty

Change and how to use Choice,Awareness,Clarity,Conscious Creation, Courage and Fear Mastery to position my coaching partners solidly in what they want fully in the present and how to achieve and live fully into their vision of what they want.


David Wittmann

I bring a unique blend to "Delta" coaching. By partnering with the clients agenda, we work toward maximizing change for themselves. With over 30+ years in a corporate environment (specifically financial trading back office) in a supervisory and management capacity, I am well versed in issue identification and execution. I also bring a professional work ethic and a diplomacy that cannot come from a book, only by living and breathing it day to day, year after year. In 2009 I attended the Fasttrac course on business start up and as an entrepreneur having started my own business, I have a first hand perspective on what it takes to build a successful practice and bring that to my coaching as well. I graduated from one of the most prestigious and respected coaching programs Coaches Training Institute in 2010 and finished their certification process in 2011 and was awarded the distinction of Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). I also attended CTI's Leadership program during 2011 that was life altering on many levels. I was awarded from the ACC from the International Coaching Federation, as an associate career coach also in 2011 

Delta Transitions is focused on one specific area: Change

I partner with my teammates in an area that is present in both professional AND personal, it is themselves and who they are being in every moment and situation.

I believe that behaviors CAN be modified and changed to provide a different action/choice in daily life. It doesn't mean that emotional conflicts and work place challenges disappear and go away. What it means is that you are solidily grounded and have awareness surrounding the situation and crystal clear insight on what you stand for in your life.

My coaching provides clarity and specifics to what you really want out of your life and how to attain it via commitment and challenges that you feel would release you from the space that you currently inhabit. The power lies in knowing what you are saying "yes" to and what you are saying "no" to on a moment by moment basis. The values you have are lived and elimination of those percieved values will free energy that you can use to move forward in your new life.


Delta's structure starts with a 1 hour discovery session where by I tap into the clients values and become familiar with what is important value wise for the client. It also provides dialog for expectations and ground rules agreed upon by both parties. It is important from my coaching position that transparency on all topics be discussed so that there are no surprises on either part. If I feel that I will not be of service to the client and therapy should be pursued, I will make that suggestion and not be part of an area that I do not have expertise in.

From that point forward each session is driven by the client's agenda as we dive deeper into exercising muscles (behaviors) that may have become dormant or developing new muscles to take the client a higher level self actualization and empowerment.

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Working with David as a coach was an absolute joy. David coached me to look inwardly to gain clarity about my "values".
Once I gained clarity I could take the action steps I needed to and move forward. My "outcomes" in life are no longer feared, they are welcomed. Thanks David.
Mark H.

I've been working with David for about 6 months and he has helped me open the door to thoughts and behaviors that I could never have addressed by myself. He has enabled me to live in the moment and break through personal and professional barriers that have plagued me for years.
Robert G.

Direct, succinct and patient, David's a master at simplifying a complex issue; he does it in such an unassuming way that you don't even see it coming... but then it hits you, enabling you to move past your roadblock. He takes you from a position of 'this is what's happening to me' to 'Okay, these are the facts. Now what are my choices?', a far more powerful position to find yourself in."
Karen L.