The most important thing you have in your life is.....Choice

This is the first in a series (6) of the foundational coaching of Delta Transitions and how you can use this to empower your vision and move toward your genuine, authentic self. 

How does that sound to you? Choice.

A simple action that reveberates through your entire life and yet is so complex and imbedded with perceived ramifications, fears, assumptions and judgements. And add to that some decisions are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually (EMPS) based and can change from one to the other in seconds.

It is my perspective that if choices are made in alignment with personal values there is less stress, frustration and anxiety. The values that you honor on a day to day, moment to moment basis can be relatable to your outlook, general sense of well being. For example, one value could be nutrition and physical wellness. So if I say "Yes" to having pizza, I am also saying "No" to my values. The external indicator is that when I step on the scale or pants are tight, it causes frustration that I am not maintaining my ideal physicality. If I had said "No" and when I put my pants on and then see the resultst of my choices, I feel good and reward myself with an acknowledgement of "I did indeed honor myself".

The very first step is ownership of your choice. Yes, there are external forces that are at work at times and I recognize them. You choose how you view people, organizations and problems ( I prefer creative challenges). Is your perception based judgement or assumption or even fear of how you will look to others. Sometimes we assume responsibility for others thoughts and feelings and they color our choices and we can choose to compromise our value system for others.

Ok, let have some fun with the next step. When an opportuinity arises today ask yourself "What are my choices and which ones honor myself and my values" or in short "What am I saying Yes to and what am I saying No to"

This will lead into our next topic "Awareness"

Go forth courageously!