I am tired and giving up swimming upstream!

As I begin the move to interim living arrangements before our new house is completed, I feel the overwhelming desire to chuck it all in and stop living the lie. I am deciding to live the life that I want to and not the drive for success, push-push-pushy social media gotta do gotta have goals achieve achieve yada yada yada.

I am going to become more human than ever before and talk to people and smile. Engage them in their thoughts and dreams. I am going to stop trying to change them and accept them for who they are in this universe. I am going to pursue things that interest me not what I should be interested in. I am creating my world to contain people that I love and that love me back and stop trying to gain acceptance from those I think I need to be around or be like. "What is your USP"? Oh you don't know what USP means? It's "unique selling proposition" GAG! How about if I just let people find me and my big heart and cheesy smile and the steely resolve to pursue the things that really light my fire.

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