How many people are inside of you?

As integrated individuals not only are our decisions made from an emotional and mental place, they also include a spiritual and physical area in our lives. Then let's add the people that are inside of you that you may not be aware of.

Did you know that so many people were inside of you?

The Inner Child: The child loves to play and have fun and just be in the moment but is also afraid of things that they don't have knowledge about. Have you noticed the fun side that comes out as the 9 year old (or whatever age you choose) interacts with new stimuli and situations. Things like riding a bike or climbing a trail or even coloring/drawing, the things we used to do that were just plain fun. The shadow side is that the child is not fully aware of things beyond the touch of their hand. These things cause fear and they can recoil from the unknown and is scared. The child needs to be reassured that they are not alone and that no physical harm will come to them.
The Adolescent:  The teenager that loves to create and strive and find themselves in the world. Trying new ways to show their own uniqueness in world. When they don't get the love or support that the seek/need/want.... they rebel and tune out and hurt those around them as a way of releasing their pain. The wide eyed enthusiasm of the teen coupled with resiliency of youth does not tire easily and will persevere the passion of who they are and what really excites them. The flip side is when they feel rejection they can lash out at those that are near and loved. A feeling of being unloved can permeate their entire world and cause them to shut down and even act out rebellion at those who are perceived as stepping on their dreams. Actions are made from a highly charge emotional state and all else can be ignored. The term emotional intelligence comes into play here also as the adolescent begins to learn not to make assumptions/judgments and not to take things personally.
The Parent: This can be the most destructive inner part that pushes you and lashes out at you for not living up to their perceived standard. This is the pushy side that makes demands and chides the person for not attaining excellence. What is not released is the adult of caring and nurturing side that is physically/mentally and emotionally supportive. The loving parent in you is yearning to come out fully and magnificently and do what it does best....give you that unconditional support and love. As you begin to develop and evolve in this role for yourself, the pushy destructive parent becomes less and less freeing you to be care giver to yourself.

As you go through your day, see which inner person is making your decisions and controlling your emotions...
Up next the positive and negative ego...
Go forth courageously!

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