Returning guest January Jones Web blog radio 10-2-2012

I was a returning guest to January Jones web radio program and spoke to the topic of coaching and the DiSC assessment.

That's the factual headline of what I did, but there is so much more to that.

As it says this was my second time on the show and I was shocked that it was so soon (I had planned to circle back later this year and ask to be on the show again). Part of the interview was about Flight 1549 and how it affected me and my wife. To me this is a stale topic and there is still interest in it, so much that when I was on previously, January had her highest ratings.

I made up a high level outline and sent it to her so we would have something to follow and keep it fresh and unrehearsed. I offered to coach her during the the 2nd ten minute segment and she accepted! The question was "What would be the one thing you would like to change about yourself". That question has universal appeal since everyone has something they want to change about themselves.

I had know idea what she would say and January chose "Yo-Yo dieting" (where your on a diet lose the weight and go off the diet and gain it back). I am familiar with the concept but am not a nutritional or well being coach and I drew myself fully into the moment. "How is it serving you?" I asked. Based on her reply's to several different questions we came to the point of "What are you saying "yes" to, and what are you saying "no" to. I could hear in her voice that when she was reaching for something not on the diet she would ask herself "Am I saying yes or no to this food opportunity". The great thing is that in that situation she is fully present and aware when making that choice and she can use that tool for the rest of her life.

Feel free to listen to the whole interview by clicking the below link....Enjoy!  

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