Transformative change

What is Transformative change? Well, let's start with an easy concept "Incremental change". You know that one because most of your desires that you want to attain are used in the process. They are called baby steps that lead to the end goal. It is broken down into manageable pieces and by accomplishing each one... Viola, you have attained your goal. Sounds easy in theory but let's look at the ingredients that may be needed. Time, commitment, dedication and support come to mind quickly. Transformative change requires the same but on a much deeper, personal level. It is about "being". Yup, just the awareness that you are always at choice in everything you do and what you choose is either honoring or betraying your own unique value system. That's a sure way to add anxiety and stress to your life by saying "yes" to something that you would normally say "No" to.

One facet of Transformative change is about getting rid of the self limiting belief's that we have been telling ourselves for years. For example, "Your too young/uneducated/old/poor/unattractive/lack confidence/everything I touch goes to ruin"....get the idea? Let's debunk some of those myth's by asking "Who told you that"? You are part of this universe that is present right now in this moment and posses your own unique style that nobody else has. What was modeled for you growing up by a parent or caregiver no longer applies. What you experienced in the 6th grade that formed you is like the buggy whip...outdated. You can release that mentality and develop your own that enhances you right now in the present. What's the trick?  By being aware and fully present in the moment and ask yourself in that moment "How is this serving/honoring me and my values" or "If all prior actions don't color this moment/decision, what would I do differently"?

In building your personal change, let's embrace the very first are ALWAYS at choice on what you say/think/feel and it affects the emotional/mental/physical and spiritual side of you and you  

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