Our Mission

To align with those who are willing and ready to commit to a "radical act" and take charge of their lives. To provide and promote a forum where honesty, trust, respect and confidentiality are the pillars of the partnership.

Our Focus

To use coaching to gain clarity and specifics on what/how my teammates actions or perspectives are limiting them. By enrolling the client to actively participate in discerning what is really behind feelings, thoughts, emotions and actions. Discovery is the keyword on my style of coaching.

Our Specialty

Change and how to use Choice,Awareness,Clarity,Conscious Creation, Courage and Fear Mastery to position my coaching partners solidly in what they want fully in the present and how to achieve and live fully into their vision of what they want.


  • What is a life coach?
    • I can only speak for myself and my coaching focus. Delta Transitions works with client agenda's to bring about illumination and perspective. The change occurs when the client sees clearly for themselves what the real cause/effect is, thereby creating client empowerment to live more in accordance with their value system.
  • Isn't coaching like psychiatry or therapy?
    • No. Psychiatry offers a diagnosis and treatment. My coaching forms partnerships with clients and by asking powerful questions, the client looks at what they truly want in there lives. I never offer advice or make suggestions. I will introduce concepts that the client maybe unaware of (perspective shift, structure, future self) to illuminate the "sticking points" that are keeping them from a rich and full life.

      Coaching was born out of the need for those who didn't need therapy but were stuck/out of tune with their values. The traditional means for support like families, which are much more fractured today with divorce and the ability to move about the world. Church is not held in the same esteem that it occupied 20-30 years ago. With the pressures and demands of our current culture the outlet was not available to "right the ship". Coaches did not exist 25 years ago but they do today. They fulfill a need that has come to the forefront because people want more out of life, their life.

  • I like coaching but can't afford it.
    • There are many answers to this question and I'll leave it up to you to engage your creative and resourceful side and decide for yourself if you really can't afford it. I have a coach and it has changed my life in that I am living more in tune with who I am. I thought I was leading a fully active life when in reality I wasn't.
  • I am leery of letting an outsider into my life.
    • It's a partnership in confidentiality. As a coach, I position myself in a non judgmental role. Coaching is not about solving the little agenda items (personal relationships, work issues) that a client may bring up. The focus is on what values are behind the behavior. My coaching focus is involved in big agenda items like "what are my values" and what you are doing daily to honor those values.
  • What can I expect working with a life coach?
    • Again working with Delta Transitions you will be challenged and stretched into directions and area's that you may not be pulled into currently. The client has to come to the partnership with 100% effort, as I am expected to bring as your coach. By being fully engaged and present in the moment it lends itself to discovery and illumination. These "ahh ha's" can happen during the session or days, weeks even months later. By working with me as your coach your life will change in ways that were not possible previously. I care about you in a different way than conventional relationships. I will try things that may or may not work. But in the end you will learn, grow and discover more about the internal person you are and change the external one that people see and interact with.
  • Aren't all coaches the same?'
    • No, coaching is unique to the coach. I heartily endorse looking at 2 or 3 different coaches and choosing a coach whose style resonates with you. I can't stress the importance of hiring a coach who has graduated from a recognized coaching program and is a member of the ICF. While coaching schools differ in models and precepts, to be sanctioned by ICF means that they have acquired and passed the coaching core curricula that is set as standard for the coaching industry.
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Working with David as a coach was an absolute joy. David coached me to look inwardly to gain clarity about my "values".
Once I gained clarity I could take the action steps I needed to and move forward. My "outcomes" in life are no longer feared, they are welcomed. Thanks David.
Mark H.

I've been working with David for about 6 months and he has helped me open the door to thoughts and behaviors that I could never have addressed by myself. He has enabled me to live in the moment and break through personal and professional barriers that have plagued me for years.
Robert G.

Direct, succinct and patient, David's a master at simplifying a complex issue; he does it in such an unassuming way that you don't even see it coming... but then it hits you, enabling you to move past your roadblock. He takes you from a position of 'this is what's happening to me' to 'Okay, these are the facts. Now what are my choices?', a far more powerful position to find yourself in."
Karen L.