Our Mission

To align with those who are willing and ready to commit to a "radical act" and take charge of their lives. To provide and promote a forum where honesty, trust, respect and confidentiality are the pillars of the partnership.

Our Focus

To use coaching to gain clarity and specifics on what/how my teammates actions or perspectives are limiting them. By enrolling the client to actively participate in discerning what is really behind feelings, thoughts, emotions and actions. Discovery is the keyword on my style of coaching.

Our Specialty

Change and how to use Choice,Awareness,Clarity,Conscious Creation, Courage and Fear Mastery to position my coaching partners solidly in what they want fully in the present and how to achieve and live fully into their vision of what they want.


David Wittmann of Delta Transitions LLC certified in DiSC October 2, 2012

In August of 2012 David Wittmann earned the distinction of DiSC facilitator and is currently offering the assessement.

David Wittmann to be guest speaker at Queens University July 26, 2012

David Wittmann will Co-lead a lecture on Code of Ethics for the International Coach Federation with Dr Mary Howerton on August 13th 2012.

Delta Transitions joins online coaching July 26, 2012

I have joined noomii.com as an online coach in May of 2012. This allows Delta Transition LLC to be in service to the world as an experienced coach.

Charlotte professionals back on the FastTrac February 18, 2012

source: bizjournals.com

Watching his 30-year career in corporate America end with a pink slip knocked David Wittmann to his knees.

But on a recent afternoon in Charlotte, the former uptown banker stood up, clapped and cheered as he and 60 other mostly unemployed Charlotteans from all walks of life rebooted their careers with a jolt of entrepreneurial zeal.

They became the first group of hopeful small-business owners to complete FastTrac New Ventures, a celebrated training course offered exclusively by Kansas City-based Kauffman Foundation, a preeminent entrepreneurs' resource group.

Kauffman worked with Gov. Bev Perdue's job-recovery initiative to bring the training to unemployed Charlotteans at no charge to help them create jobs by launching businesses. The program is also being offered in Detroit and New York.

"I wanted to do this 10 years ago," says Wittmann, who is launching Delta Transitions, a life and leadership coaching service. "I'm putting it into action today."

Wittmann's journey toward business ownership began years ago when he first dreamed of leaving his job to become a self-employed life coach. But he never pulled the trigger.

Then early this year he suffered a double shot of adversity. On Jan. 15, Wittmann's wife was seated in seat 17C of US Airways Flight 1549, the now-famous flight that crash-landed into the Hudson River en route to Charlotte from New York. Like everyone else aboard the plane, she survived. But the incident and its aftermath shook Wittmann and his family.

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Working with David as a coach was an absolute joy. David coached me to look inwardly to gain clarity about my "values".
Once I gained clarity I could take the action steps I needed to and move forward. My "outcomes" in life are no longer feared, they are welcomed. Thanks David.
Mark H.

I've been working with David for about 6 months and he has helped me open the door to thoughts and behaviors that I could never have addressed by myself. He has enabled me to live in the moment and break through personal and professional barriers that have plagued me for years.
Robert G.

Direct, succinct and patient, David's a master at simplifying a complex issue; he does it in such an unassuming way that you don't even see it coming... but then it hits you, enabling you to move past your roadblock. He takes you from a position of 'this is what's happening to me' to 'Okay, these are the facts. Now what are my choices?', a far more powerful position to find yourself in."
Karen L.