Web blog radio guest speaker 9/11/12

I was a guest on a talk radio web blog (my first ever as a coach) and as usual my default behavior is to be prepared as much as I possibly could. So, a half hour before the airtime I started to jot down some salient points that I would want to speak during the show. Guess what....it all went out the window during the show!

Here's what happened....I became fully present with the host right in the moment of the show. I did not know the specific questions (we had a general idea of the topic's to touch upon) and I ditched my notes within the first 3 minutes. I allowed myself (or gave myself permission to inhabit this state) to be with what was present rather than my inclination to steer the show to what I wanted to talk about.

I can't give a specific check list of mental items like a flow chart (if this, then this, if not, then this) that I went through to arrive at the different state of being that I was being called to but the awareness that I was being called. What did this new state call for me to show up as? I didn't know and I felt my entire being fully present in the moment, 100% and letting the show develop rather than bring up what I thought the listeners might want to hear.

As I listen back to the recording of the show I can hear the shifting of gears from managing to the fully present state and the aliveness and connection with the host. If I would of maintained my intial disposition the recording may have been different and more stilted/staged and that would of easily been picked up on by the listeners.

How do you develop awareness, by just being in the moment and listening/feeling and not thinking!

Here is the link to the recording, you may have to cut and paste it in your browser. At the bottom left of the screen is a option of "play" in your default player.


Go forth courageously!


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